What a great Summer

We had an awesome time with our Summer Reading Program this year. Watch the video and catch some of the highlights of programs and events.


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Coffee Co. Libraries training day

Coffee County Libraries are thrilled to have our staff training by the Tennessee State Library and Archives  on the Tennessee Electronic Library http://tntel.tnsos.org/ as well as training on the new Legal aid resources for our patrons and we end our day with learning how to get every child ready to read.

Coffee Co. Libraries

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Learn a Language

Want to learn a new language and you want it to be free?

Then you will love our Powerspeak site. You can learn  Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Russian, Korean or Mandarin Chinese.

Know of a need for English for Spanish speakers…or English for Mandarin speakers? We have courses for these as well.

Create an account and start today.


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Now you can use Permalinks

Want to email yourself or someone else about an item we have in our eLibrary? Now you can create a permalink to do just that.


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We are happy to announce that you can now create temporary lists or permanent lists in eLibrary.

A temporary list is only available while you’re logged into eLibrary. Once you log out the list is deleted.

A permanent list remains on your account even after you log out of eLibrary.

To create either list you must log into eLibrary by using your barcode and PIN number (if you do not have your PIN you must ask for it at the circulation desk).

For the temporary list browse the catalog and find the titles you want and select the checkbox next to the title called Keep. You can see all the titles you have selected by clicking on the menu choice called Kept.

To create a permanent list you must first create a list by selected the menu choice called permanent list. You can create multiple lists but only one list can be active at a time.  Once you have an active list you can browse the catalog and select titles by clicking in the checkbox called +MyList

You can then view your lists by clicking on Permanent Lists in the menu.


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TEL for kids now Open

We are pleased to announce the opening of Tennessee Electronic Libraries for kids.

See our TEL for kids page for more details
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