Q. How can I get a library card?
A. To get a library card you need to present proof of address. We prefer your TN ID or Driver’s License printed with your current address, but we will also accept a piece of cancelled mail. We also need your phone number and the name, address, and phone number of a contact who does not live with you but can pass on a message if needed.

Q. How much does it cost to get a library card?
A. The first card is free of charge. Should it need to be replaced for any reason, each subsequent card costs $4.00.

Q. How long is my card good for?
A. Indefinitely. Your application information will need to be updated yearly, but the card never expires. Cards that remain inactive (not used) for a period of time may be removed from the system, and patron will then have to bereinstated.

Q. How many books can I check out per visit?
A. 25 items may be checked out per card at a time. Included in this number will be Audiobooks, CDs, Videos, etc. that you have checked out, plus books.

Q. If I am not finished with my Library materials by the time they are due, can I renew them?
A. All items may be renewed up to 2 times, as long as there is no one else waiting for the item. Patrons may renew their items online using their Library ID and PIN number, or they may come into the Library to renew items.

Q. If I leave my library card at home, can I still check out books?
A. No. You must have your card with you to check items out.

Q. Why would I want a library card? I don’t even like to read.
A. The library has much more to offer than novels for reading. Most people have interests or hobbies (such as woodworking, gardening, cooking, pets, sports), and the library has books telling “how-to” that are intended for browsing through more than reading cover to cover. We also have movies and educational films on video and DVD, music CDs, Audiobooks (Books recorded on cassette or CD read by professional narrators).

Q. Does the library have a computer I can use to get on the Internet?
A. Yes. As a matter of fact, at the moment we have 9 computers set up for public Internet use. A patron “checks out” a computer with their library card, then is entitled to use it for 45 minutes. As long as there is no one waiting to use a computer, patron may continue using it.

Q. Can I print things from the computers?
A. The Library has a printer networked to the computers, and items may be printed at a cost of 15 cents per page.

Q. Can anyone use the Internet computers?
A. Yes. But before they do, we have an Internet Policy set up by the Board that we ask all patrons to read then by the patron using the computer they are agreeing to abide by the policy. Children must have a parent’s permission to use the Internet.

Q. I don’t know anything about using a computer. Is there anyone at the library who could teach me?
A. As time permits, the Library Staff can help patrons with some of the basics of getting started on the computers. From time to time the Library offers basic computer classes.

Q. What kind of programs does the Library offer?
A. The Library hosts a weekly story hour for preschool-aged children each Wednesday morning at 9:30. This program includes stories, crafts, games and music. It is free of charge, no pre-registration is required, and all children and their parents are welcome to come.

Q. What other services does the library offer?
A. The Library is a repository for IRS forms and booklets.

Q. Who makes the rules at the library?
A. The Library Board.