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Quick Link to READS Website


If patrons are having trouble with the new READS site they may need to clear the temporary internet files and cache in their browser, then close and re-open the browser.  Once the temp files are cleared the site should display properly.


December 10 – 14, 2012 will bring some significant improvements to the READS site. 

 1)       The sign in process will be different.  There will no longer be a map of the State of Tennessee.  Instead patrons will be asked to type in the name of their library.  The search box is predictive, meaning that once a patron types in the first few letters of the library name they will be offered a list of libraries beginning with those letters (e.g.  ‘blo’ will bring up Blount and Bloomingdale;  ‘hum’ will bring up Humboldt and Humphreys).

 2)      The new website will dramatically improve the ease of use by reducing the number of steps to find, borrow and enjoy an eBook or audiobook.  The new user experience is one simple, streamlined website with a fresh new layout, “One-Step Checkout” and advanced discovery features. The new website uses “responsive design” which allows the mobile and desktop experience to be the same—optimized for any size screen regardless of the user’s device.

3)      The new website also marks the launch of OverDrive Read, the browser-based eBook reading option. With OverDrive Read, there’s no files to download, and no software to install – just click once and start reading.  For more details about how OverDrive Read works please see this webpage:  http://read.overdrive.com/about/faq#faq-readers  Please note that patrons will still be able to use the old method of downloading ebooks if they prefer to do it that way or if the browser on their device is too basic.


Need Help? Try their completely redesigned Online help page


 How to suggest a Title?

When the patron does a search there is now a link at the top of the results screen to ‘Additional Titles’. Clicking this link will bring up a list of titles related to the search, perhaps other books by that author or other titles on that subject. Some of the titles will be in the READS collection, others will not. Next to the titles that READS doesn’t own is a ‘Recommend’ link. If the patron clicks the Recommend link they will be offered the opportunity to recommend the purchase of the title *and* choose to be notified via email and/or be placed on a hold list if the title is purchased.

The option to be notified or placed on hold is something patrons have been requesting for a long time. Please note, however, that this option only exists if the patron uses the ‘Recommend’ link. They do not have this option if they use the ‘Suggest a Purchase’ link on the READS homepage.

As you may or may not know, four of the major US publishers will not sell their ebooks to public libraries. Although we get many, many requests through the ‘Suggest a Purchase’ link for books we simply cannot buy them. Patrons are wasting their time asking us to get those titles so instead they are encouraged to check the ‘Additional Titles’ link for books they cannot find in the collection. If the title shows up, they can recommend we purchase it. If the title does not show up, that means we cannot buy it so there is no point in asking us to get it. The only books we can actually buy are ones listed in ‘Additional Titles’.